How Long Does a Starfish Live

How Long Does a Starfish Live

What Kind of Animal is a Sea Star?

Sea stars are invertebrates related to sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and sand dollars, which are all echinoderms. Echinoderm means spiny skin—a reference to their hard, calcified skin, which helps to protect them from predators. Sea stars have rows of tiny tube feet extending from the grooved surface on their underside.

How Long Does A Starfish Live?

Again, with so many species of sea stars, it’s hard to generalize lifespan. On average, they can live 35 years in the wild. In captivity, most live 5-10 years when well cared for.

Sea star habitats are highly variable; these animals can be found in all ocean basins of the world and at a large assortment of depths and bottom composition. They are benthic animals, which means that they live on the ocean floor whether they are in deep or shallow water.

Why We Should Not Take Starfish Out of the Water?

Before we get to the issue of pulling starfish out of the water, I also think it is important to point out that people are still collecting starfish, drying them out, and using them for decoration purposes. This is of course unacceptable and by now, we all understand why.

Moreover, taking starfish out of the water can seriously affect their health. First of all, because those animals breathe underwater and can only do so in that environment. Getting a starfish out of the water means that it will not be able to breathe as long as it is out of the water. The risk of asphyxiation is therefore undeniable.

Not only that but being exposed directly to the open-air causes significant damage to its skin, even if you do it quickly. Finally, touching a starfish could expose it to compounds that might not be harmful to you but are harmful to its species. Sunscreens for example can be very toxic to starfish.

5 Sea Star Fun Facts

  • They have no brain and no blood. …
  • They can live up to 35 years.
  • Starfish is not their right name, they should always be called Sea Star! …
  • There are around 2,000 species of sea star. …
  • They cannot survive in fresh water.
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Sea stars have a remarkable ability to regenerate, or regrow, their arms and tube feet. Most species need at least part of their central disk to be intact in order to regenerate arms, but a few tropical species can grow an entire body from just a severed limb. Regeneration of arms is not a fast process; it can take up to a year for larger sea stars.